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Visual artist Claudia Mini, Bern

Discovering my passion for modern contemporary painting.

«I’m a painter and printmaker who was born in Switzerland. I earned a Master of Science in Sport Science, University of Bern. My development as an artist was partly through personal explorations, partly with the help of professional artistic training.»

Claudia Mini, Visual Artist, contemporary painter, Switzerland

Art techniques I use

Painting on paper is different than drawing on canvas. Exploring both techniques is a privilege. Using different techniques is challenging and brings more variation. Every technique has its own style that I try to use in order to create something new.


One of my first art classes in printmaking I took, was screen printing. At the moment I do monotypes, that are prints, but with one major difference from other printmaking processes: the artist creates exactly one print, instead of multiples. Therefore, I use a gelli printing plate. It’s a soft, reusable plate for transferring my work to paper with hand pressure. This suits me, because it’s a simple process that allows for lots of experimentation. I can create layered prints, use objects. The finished print is a mirror image of what’s on the plate.

My art practice

«The Swiss visual artist Claudia Mini who is living and working in Bern combines linear structures and geometric forms in her compositions. In doing so, the artist expands our ways of seeing, directing our attention to micro and macro-organism in a repertoire of patterns and biomorphic forms. Claudia Mini’s works are interwoven in terms of form as well as content, so that memories and longings flow into the compositions, sometimes unconsciously. The uprising visual artist is represented internationally, among them on exhibitions at Singapore Art Week and Art Basel Miami Week.»

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, ArtfixDaily, 2020

Swiss artist Claudia Mini is an intuitive abstract painter who is especially interested in pattern. A gifted colorist, she uses a seemingly inexhaustible vocabulary of various lines and shapes. At times, Claudia’s monotypes and acrylic paintings have the look of street graffiti, other times, she appears to allude to topographies of imaginary places. Biomorphic shapes, cellular structures, and plant life also appear in her work, always transformed in the prism of abstraction.

The artist’s paintings represent a dialog with the subconscious and are an invitation to freedom and joy.  Ever since Claudia Mini can remember, she was interested in creativity and using color, words, music and movement to produce artworks. Her development as an artist was partly through personal explorations, partly with the help of professional artistic training. 

Agora Gallery New York, 2019 ​

Artist Statement

«For many years I have worked to develop a technique suitable for my purpose. My artworks are mainly created out of the moment. I’m very much interested in the process of creation. Every piece is a journey to the unknown : I mostly start with colors as well as shapes and end up with the title. In between it takes me hours, days, weeks, rarely months. Therefore, my pieces are often unique and unexpected. I do primarly mixed media art using acrylics, and adding pens, pastels, ink and whatever I’m attracted to. Mostly, I work on one piece at the time. Every moment brings new images for me to paint, creating a sense of calmness and surprise at the same time.

My art is undergoing changes that’s why it’s challenging to define. Early as an abstract painter, my focus was on vivid colors and movement, forms and the combination of different techniques and art supplies.

My love for nature - especially for the ocean - and discovering the world has seen me travel to North and South America, Oceania, Africa, Asia and to different countries in Europe, this has inspired my art visually, imaginatively and emotionally.

Water has always been a powerful image and experience in my life. Not only because I’m fascinated by water, but also as a sign of gratitude and awareness I dedicate the year 2022 to this element, using mostly blue colors for my artworks.

My artworks are a result of imagination, contemplation and music on an infinite, fascinating journey into the world of subconscious, mystery and expressive power.


2020   Membership Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

2020   Membership kunst zürich süd

2019   rip307 swimwear


2019   Online representation Agora Gallery New York

Sales assistance

Agora Gallery New York   Link



2022   Moon Art Hamburg


2021   Galerie Muri-ART, January 11th  ​

2019   Colorida Art Gallery Lisbon

2018   Galerie Artesol Solothurn


2022   Galerie Artesol, February 12th


2020   Exhibition Art Climate Change - Novum Investments

2020   22. Art International Zurich, 1.-4. October  

2020   Contemporary Art Fair Paris, 26.-28. March postponed

2019   Spectrum Miami

2019   Bank Art Fair Singapore

2018   Miami River Art Fair

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